Practice Areas

Voelker & Kairys, LLC is a law firm that provides comprehensive and cost effective service in the areas of family law, and estate planning and administration.

Divorce and Property Division

Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. Divorce is often emotional.  An attorney can help you with the legal aspects of the divorce often making it seem more manageable. 

Spousal Support, Alimony Pendente Lite, and Alimony

Spousal Support and Alimony Pendente Lite:

These are forms of support for a spouse from the date of separation until a divorce decree is obtained.  These calculations are based on a formula outlined in the law. It is important to make sure that the formula was correctly applied and that you have optimized any potential deviations from the formula.  The attorneys at Voelker & Kairys, LLC will review your income to make sure it is properly calculations and your deviations are maximized.



Child Support

Child support is funds to contribute to the cost of raising children.

Child Custody

Child custody is often the most difficult family law matter.  In the majority of cases, child custody is the first priority of the parties.  Child custody cases include two types of custody, the physical custody and legal custody of the child.  

Legal Custody:

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements are contracts entered into to address the financial aspects of marriage. The purpose is to protect assets in the unfortunate event of a divorce or death.

Prenuptial Agreements:

Cohabitation Agreements

A Cohabitation Agreement is an agreement that an unmarried couple enters into when they are living together or plan on living together but have chosen not to get married.  A Cohabitation Agreement is used to outline what would happen if a relationship breaks up and/or outlines how finances are taken care of during the cohabitation.  It is important that these documents are drafted properly to consider the legal and tax ramifications. When unmarried couples live in a house that is owned by one or both of the parties it is important to consider a Cohabitation Agreement.  

Protection From Abuse (PFA)

The attorneys at Voelker & Kairys, LLC have experience representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in Protection From Abuse actions.